MKLW forage Cooler

Product introduction:

1. This cooler developed has absorbed the advantage of international forage equipments and combined with Zhengchang many years experience of Xinhua News Agency cooling equipments to develop out.
2. It is the main equipment of forage briquetting production,high output,good performance,low energy consumption,balanced and reliable operation and beautiful appearance.
3. Innovative design and reasonable structure.
4. Transportation by variable frequency speed adjustable,adjust the cooling time according to requirement to ensure the best cooling efficiency.
5. Charge-in feed uses swing homogenizing mechanism,equipped with variable frequency adjustable speed control,even and reliable auxiliary materials,chopped grass collection auger,the multi-use of cooler makes grass block cool and seperate forage crumbs.
6. Wide application range, suitable for lump and granule forage products.

Technical parameters:

Transport motor power(KW):1.1+0.75

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