SKLX Impeller Cooler


Scope of Application

Mainly applicable to the cooling of various pellet materials.


Main Features

Use counter-flow cooling principle, full and uniform cooling.

Use impeller rotating discharging mechanism to discharge.

The discharging mechanism runs smoothly and reliably, the discharging is smooth and without residue.

The temperature of pellets is not higher than room temperature by +3-5℃ after cooling.

Use mechanical leveling device, the discharging is accurate and sensitive.


 SKLX 4A           SKLX 6A          SKLX 8A

Production capacity(t/h)

   10                 15               20

Cooling time(min) 

          not less than 6-10min

Material temperature after cooling

 not higher than room temperature by +3-5℃


 1.5+0.55       1.5+0.75+0.37    1.5+1.5+0.37 

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