SWDB Pellet Stabilizer

Scope of Application

Mainly applicable to producing fish feed, high-grade livestock and poultry feed.


Main Features

The particle material is expanded to improve the expanding degree and gelatinization degree.

Swinging discharging mechanism with flexible hydraulic control system makes the discharging fluent without accumulation.

The jacket steam mode ensures good preheating effect and high utilization rate of steam.


 SWDB 2a   SWDB 4b    SWDB 6b    SWDB 8b

Production capacity(t/h)

   1-3       3-5        5-8        6-10


    2         4          6           8

Stabilizing time(min)

 30-60      30-60      30-60       30-60  


1.5+0.55   1.5+1.1   1.5+1.1   1.5+1.5+0.37

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