TFPX Series Rotary Distributor

There are three types of distributor: common, simple and complex self-suction.

TFPX Series Rotary Distributor can automatically adjust and fix position. Material can be conveyed into the predetermined position by its self-flow.

Long-distance control equipment which can supply material from one point to various points, widely used for the entry of raw materials into the bin and the entry of intermediate products into batching bin.

Compact structure, accurate positioning, fast material feed and discharge. Stable and reliable. Automatic internal dust cleaning.

Easy operation and maintenance. The best alternative to screw distributor, and the ideal accessory equipment for feed and flour industry.


4×Φ200    6×Φ200    10×Φ200   10×Φ300   12×Φ250   14×Φ250   12×Φ251


    0.55         0.55            0.55         0.55            0.75          0.55             0.55

Production capacity(t/h)

     30            30               30             50               50             50                 50

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