HDX-30 recirculating dryer
It is suitable for drying grain such as paddy, wheat, corn and so on in the grain industry.
Fresh-keeping and drying
Use automatic online monitoring system, effectively control drying conditions, uniform drying, ensure crack rate, germination rate, yellow rice rate, head rice rate, etc.
Mixed flow drying, multiple functions
Overcome the shortcomings of cross-flow drying, such as easy clogging, low drying efficiency and uneven drying, and realize the drying of varieties of cereals.
Low temperature drying, high efficiency and energy saving
Using low temperature and large volume drying, the vitality of grain is kept at its highest level.
The self-discharging mode of tempering section is designed to reduce energy consumption.
Green environmental protection
Customize the most efficient heating system for customers, promote green environmental protection technology such as biomass fuel hot-blast stove, heat-conducting oil stove, heat pump, etc.
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