Feed Unit
SKZH3800 Feed units

Product introduction:

1. Equipped with Zhengchang high quality main machines,such as pellet mill, grinder,mixer and so on.
2. Low investment,qiuck in effect,easy installation and operation, convenient management.
3. The units technology is totally same as large pig feed plant,technological flexibility, strong adaptability and high return.
4. Purchase Zhengchang feed units, enjoying Zhengchang perfect after-sale service.
5. Purchase Zhengchang feed units, using Zhengchang Barrier formula technology in preferential price.
6. Purchase Zhengchang feed units,buying Zhengchang high quality parts in preferential price.
7. Zhengchang customizes all kinds of teaching experimental feed units for institue,welcome you to join in to popularize and utilize Zhengchang feed units.

Technical datas:

Output: 1-3t/h 
Pellet specifications: ¢2、¢3、¢3.5、¢4、¢4.5、¢5、¢6、¢8mm 
Installed capacity: 75KW 
Overall dimensions of main engine: (L*W*H)5.5*3.7*5.8m

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