Forage and hops engineering
Forage briquetting Engineering
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Engineering Introduction

All forage,straw and bagasse pass through special technology processing.After briquetting and pelleting,it is effective for sterilization.How to add molasses or probiotics fermentation to make high-quality milk cow and beef cattle feed, sell to developed countries and area, such as Japan, Korea. We can make full use of straw and bagasse and it is good for plants.

With strong advantage of price, ensure spare parts supply in time.Complete forage briquetting and pelleting unit,successfully apply to more than 20 forage processing enterprises which are located in Xinjiang,Jilin,Liaoning,Hebei,Beijing,Tianjin,Gansu,Ningxia,Inner Mongolia and so on. MYKZ forage briquetting and pelletizing technology has reached international level.Zhengchang grass,straw briquetting and pelleting range:all forage, oatgrass, hybrid giant napier,wheat straw, corn straw, bagasse, cotton straw, hops, cotton hull, beet pulp, oak leaves, palm leaves, grape leaves, chrysanthemum grains, peanut hull grains……

Engineering mechanical equipments:

Case demonstration:

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