Forage and hops engineering
Hops pelletizing Engineering
Rich experience and leading technology.
Engineering Introduction
How to enlarge the volume of hops mixer,ensure hops mix thoroughly and homogeneously?
How to enlarge feeding output of granulator,then hops grains output will be enlarged?
How to make the cooling system of pellet mill, the pelletizing temperature is not higher than 60℃, keep plenty βacid of raw materials, retain hops’ aroma and flavor?
How to control the pelleting density of hops grains, reduce hops contact air volume, avoid hops lupulinic after grinding leading hops oil and a- acid volatilization and oxidation?
How to select advanced aluminum foil bag,soft vacuum nitrogen charge package, sealed package, small volume, convenient for storage and transport?
More advanced automatic production control procedure,ensure the stable quality.

Engineering mechanical equipments:

Pelleting in low temperature
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