Hammer Mill
SFSP 60E Series Champion Hammer Mill

Suitable for crushing all kinds of raw materials of pellet feed, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, bean and so on.

Simple, durable, safe and reliable structure, easy to install and maintain, small vibration and high output.

Produce coarse and fine feed, suitable for fibrous material, high moisture material, etc.

Type            SFSP60×30E    SFSP60×38E    SFSP60×50E      SFSP60×60E      SFSP60×75E      SFSP60×100E
Main Power(kW)                 30/37                   45/55                55/75                  75/90                   90/110                110/132
Production Capacity(t/h) Φ3mm      6-8                     8-12                 13-16                  16-22                    18-24                    22-28

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