Hammer Mill
SFSP 88×60 Hammer mill

Used for the grinding of raw materials like organic garbage, drug residue, winery, sugar, etc.

Used for the grinding of biological fermentation wet materials, like livestock and poultry excrement.

The water allowable value of organic fertilizer materials reaches 25-55%, and particle size can reach the requirement of pelleting.

Solve the problem of materials with high moisture, the grinding of organic materials treated by fermentation has better effect.

High-speed rotating blade makes good grinding fineness, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Use high alloy wear-resistant hammer, more wear-resistant than ordinary hammer, and the service life of the hammer is increased.


                         SFSP88×40             SFSP88×60           SFSP88×80

Main Power(kW

                55               75                  100

Production Capacity(t/h) 

                              4-8              6-10                12-20 

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