Hammer Mill
SFSP 112F Series Champion Hammer Mill

Especially designed to grind the fibrous materials, and raw materials with high moisture and large oil.

Especially suitable for grinding dried fish, cottonseed meal, corn on the cob, shrimp shell, bean curd, herbal materials and the high moisture content(17~24%) corn.

The particles are more uniform. UseΦ1.2mm below and large aperture screen to produce thick, medium, thin or super powder materials, higher efficiency and no sticking screen phenomenon.


        SFSP112×30F   SFSP112×38F    SFSP112×50F     SFSP112×60F     SFSP112×75F    SFSP112×100F

Main Power(kW)

            55/75                   90/110             110/132/160           160/200                 200/220             220/250/280

Production Capacity(t/h)

Φ3mm 10-15                   15-20                  19-26                    28-36                    33-50                      36-62 

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