Hammer Mill
SFSP 138×75F Champion Hammer Mill

Won the first national patent in the industry


High output, low energy consumption

Crushing capacity of F type upgraded hammer mill is improved 30% than the E type.

The original E type hammer mill can be upgraded with low cost and high output.


Humanized and automatic operation

The feed volume can be adjusted automatically to ensure the full load operation of hammer mill and improve the efficiency.

It can be equipped with bearing vibration, temperature remote detection system, alarm and stop automatically when out of order.


Advanced structure, stable operation

The multi-cavity design of the grinding chamber makes the wear of the hammer and screen more uniform and improve the service life of the wearing parts.

The impurities like stone and metal in the raw material can be removed, feed quality and the service life of wearing parts can be improved.

Type                SFSP138×38F      SFSP138×50F      SFSP138×60F      SFSP138×75F     SFSP138×100
Main Power(kW)                  90/110/132                132/160             160/200/220          200/220/250          250/280/315 
Φ3mm        15-30                       22-35                   27-48                       33-55                    41-70
Φ1mm        4.5-8.8                      7-11                    8.5-15                      11-18                     13-21



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