Hammer Mill
SWFL 150D Vertical Micro-pulverizer

High quality and output, reach perfect balance between fineness and production.

Once crushing mesh ≤∅1.8, grease content 8%, moisture content 10.5%. For crushing fineness, 95% passing through 80 meshes, output 2-9 t/h.

Range of Application

It is suitable for micro-pulverization of pet food, extruded fish feed, prawn feed, eel feed, turtle feed and raw materials for small animals in large and medium-sized feed factory.

Good fineness, high output

We can provide customers with 60-120 meshes of grinding fineness, more than 99% sieving rate of the finished products.

Output is increased more than 15% compared with the domestic similar machine.

Advanced structure, smooth operation
Compact structure, small covering area, centrifugal air-separator inside.


High precision crushing system, smooth operation, more uniform fineness and improved 30% of efficiency.

Gear ring and blade are produced in high standard, with higher grinding ability, longer service life.

The grading system is optimized to make sieving more uniform, easier to adjust and more flexible.

The optimized configuration of the wind network system data and the reasonable layout of the process make overall efficiency increased by over 30%.


                                SWFL102D                SWFLP128D           SWFL150D

Main Power(kW

                 75/90          110/132/160       160/200

Production Capacity(t/h)

                      95% passing through 80 meshes

               2-3/2.5-4       3-5/4-6/4.5-7     4.5-7/5.5-9  

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