Hammer Mill
SFSP 120×110A Pig Feed Hammer mill

Optimum design of equipment core assembly, high-speed operation, higher output, stable and reliable.

Multi-cavity combination patented structure, more uniform abrasion, lower noise, low cost and longer service life.

Simple and fast installation of hammer, more convenient replacement and maintenance, save time and labor.

Use high-quality sensor to control the operation at any time. Safer, more accurate control of finished products.


               SFSP120×50A   SFSP120×70A    SFSP120×80A       SFSP120×110A

Main Power(kW)

                  110/132             160/220          200/220/250          250/280/315 

Production Capacity(t/h)

 Φ2mm       13-20                 20-30                 25-36                      33-50

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