Hammer Mill
SFSP 66×100E ⅡHammer Mill
 Suitable for the grinding of livestock, poultry and aquatic feed, and realizes the conversion of coarse and fine grinding by adjusting the clearance between hammer and screen.

Effectively reduce vibration and noise, control the noise below 100 decibels.

Equipped with a secondary grinding chamber, the output and fineness are increased by more than 25% compared with the ordinary hammer mill.

Rotor assembly optimization, high-speed operation is more stable.

Reasonable layout of hammers increases the impact frequency of hammers and materials, further improves the crushing fineness.


                     SFSP66×30E II   SFSP66×38E II     SFSP66×50E II     SFSP66×60E II    SFSP66×75E II     SFSP66×100E II

Main Power(kW)

                          37/45                   45/55                      55/75               75/90/110             90/110/132               132/160



Φ3mm            6.5-8                    9-13                     14-17                17-23                   16-25                    22-28

Φ1.5mm        3.8-5.2                 4.3-6.4                  5.7-8.5               7.3-13                   9-15                    13-18.9

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