Liquid Coater
SYPG Series Roller Liquid Sprayer

Product introduction:

1. Excellent after adding technology,spraying nutrient substance and druggery, such as grease,fat, enzyme preparation,vitamin,amino acid and microorganism in the pellet surface.
2. Roller spraying with fine granule touching the pellet surface completely, spraying evenly.
3. Computer controls the adding quantity,more accurate weighing.
4. Make nutrition of pellet balanced with high palatability and disease-resistant ability.

Technical parameters:

(1)Capacity of fluid reservoir:1 T
(2)Power of gear pump:1.5 kw
(3)Error of adding amount:±1%
(4)Uniform rate of spraying:96%
(5)Adding amount:0.04~0.14 t/h
(6)Spraying proportion:2%~7%
(7)Output:2~20 t/h

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