Liquid Coater
ZC2000 Gate lid sprayer of pellet mill

Product introduction:

Zhengchang gate lid spraying system is that the high pressure liquid (nutrient substance and druggery, like grease,fat, enzyme preparation,amino acid and vitamin ) measured accurately and atomized through special nozzle in the pelleting chamber,integrating with pellets extruded from ring die running in high speed,so pellet feed surface forms a layer of even spraying coating. 
During the aquatic feed production of some high-grade livestock and poultry,materials through conditioning,curing and pelleting,some added nutrient contents lose or destroyed. The sprayer makes spraying promptly in pellet feed surface,make up and improve the absorptivity of microelement again, ensure the pellet quality and simplify the manufacturing technology greatly.Entering steam to heat and keep the oilcan liquid automatically, protecting the spraying liquid from the cold during the cold season.

Technical parameters:

1. Capacity of oil can: the biggest is 1ton
2. Power of spraying motor: 1.5KW
3. Adding accuracy: 0.5%
4. Spraying uniformity rate: 98%
5. Spraying quantity: 1.5L/h~240L/h
6. Spraying proportion: 2%~8%
7. 2~30T/h Output of pellet mill: 2~30T/h

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