Liquid Coater
SYPZ1000 Vacuum Sprayer

Product introduction:

With the development of the feed industry,people are asking for better and better feed quality.In order to improve nutrient contents of feed,SYPZ liquid sprayers spray grease in the surface of high energy feed,spraying enzyme, acid enzyme of special plant,vitamin,spice and vegetable oil in the surface of pellet feed, expanded and extruded materials.
In technology,the sprayer often arranged after the grading of pellet feed, before entering the finished feed storehouse,the sprayer mainly used in powder,pellet, grinding feed,expanded and extruded materials.

1. Spraying grease in the surface of pellet feed to produce special high energy feed.The range of liquid adding proportion is 0.1%-6%, standard is 1%-6%.
2. Spraying coating in the surface of pellet feed, make pellet surface have shininess,improving market competition strength.
3. Spraying heat sensitivity vitamin,acid enzyme of special plant,spice and vegetable oil and organic acid to expanded and extruded feed to make up for the loss of original nutrient contents in expanded and extruded process.
4. Spraying animal fat to produce a kind of equal coating feed is convenient for materials keeping.
5. Mainly used for increasing the finished feed after the grading sieve and less waste.

Technical parameters:

Production capacity:8-20t/h
Spraying amount:1.5L/H-666L/H
Capacity of oil tank:50-200kg

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