Liquid Coater
SSHJ 2z Blade type vacuum coating system

Two bevel gear reducers drive two rotors respectively with high driving efficiency.

Special shaft-end seal, reliable vacuum airtight performance.

The internal cavity can reach below 60kPa within 1min, and rise ≤5kPa after vacuuming within 10min.

Multi-channel sprayers make good atomization effect. Easy to dismantle and maintain sprayers.

Stainless steel is used for parts exposed to materials, to ensure the stability of pellets.

The unique design rotor and discharge door reduce the crumbing rate of pellets.

Ensure the accuracy and evenness of spraying, greatly increase the adding amount of liquid.

Two kinds of liquid can be added into aquatic and pet feed with a ratio of 1%-30%, powder is also available for adding

Oil seeps into the pellets, preventing moisture from entering, so that keep pellets dry for easy storage.

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