Pellet Mill
SZLH420D/400D Pellet mill

Product introduction:

  1. Improvement of pelleting room and drive system enhance the balance,output raised 10-15%.Meanwhile,enhance cut level up,especially improve position,solve beautiful pelleting in small bore.If two lines of 508 annual output is 180,000 tons feed, one year in the same power consumption,two lines will produce more than 18,000-27,000tons feed. If one ton feed production need 20 kilowatt-hours, the whole year will save electric bill 18,000-27,000 tons×20kwh×0.5RMB/kwh≈180,000-270,000RMB. 
  2. Conditioning time increased to 35 seconds,improve the curing degree greatly.
  3. In order to redouble useful life of pellet mill case,Zhengchang pellet mill cases adopt the same materials as diesel body, the useful life is improved more than one time.

Technical parameters:

Type Model SZLH400D SZLH420D
Main motor power (KW) 75/90 110
Production capacity(t/h) 5-12


Feeding motor power(KW)


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