Pellet Mill
SZLH558D Top-grade pellet mill

Product introduction:

CPM model, international advanced direct drive system, efficiency raised 20%,frequency conversion feeding, ensure equal feed-in, all stainless steel longer and thicker, vast door strengthened conditioner,capacity multiplied 2.6 times, long curing time, feed rate of return raised 3-5%,adopt advanced steam jet device prevent steam regurgitating effectively. Stainless steel gate lid with strong antiseptic ability and long useful life.The case machining in machining center,high accuracy,big oil storage and low noise.Advanced and reliable overload protection device, ring die in encircling hoop type detached quickly, import main parts’bearing and standard parts, convenient and prompt mobile pneumatic oil pump, main shaft machining by Germany deep hole gun drill, drill in place at one time, adding oil easily.The transmission parts include motor use Switzerland or Japan high quality bearing, international advanced level power transmitting coupling, international advanced steam valve system,import machining center machining case, machining main shaft oil hole by Germany deep hole drill, gear with precise abrasive machining and low noise,output raised about 20% more than belt drive.With high-grade ring die in quick detaching encircling hoop type, interior design and quality reach the world 1990s level.Import main standard parts, CPM model is the leading model in China.

Technical parameters: 

Type Model:SZLH558D
Feeding motor power(kw):1.5
Ring die diameter(mm):¢572
Pellet specification(mm):¢2~¢18

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