Pellet Mill
MZLH 858 Wood Pellet Mill

Stable, safe and reliable
The main shaft system uses double support structure without shake to offer more extrusion force from ring die.
Control device of ring die and roller is external to realize gap adjustment without stop-working.
Rollers use circulating water cooling, realizing lower temperature and longer service time of bearings, and lower oil consumption.
The bearings of main shaft and roller with temperature measuring device, which can monitor the working status of bearings.
Key components like main shaft, driving wheels and gears are made of high strength forged alloy steel. Gears are processed by high precision gear grinding machine.  
Driving system uses imported bearings to ensure the reliability and long service time of the equipment.
Ring die and roller use high strength forgings, automatic gun-drill drilling and vacuum heat treatment. The ring die service time﹥500 hours.

Higher efficiency and
High gear transmission efficiency, large transmission torque, large roller friction, production is increased by 15%.

Mandatory feeding assures uniformity.
Design of spiral feeding plate to ensure uniform intake of wood pellets and balanced extruding stress.

High automation and applicability

Easily operated control cabinets. Pellet mill automatic control system is connected to central control room.
Pellet mill has intelligent system including working reports, working time, oil temperature alarm and lubricant replacement reminding.
Pellet mill can be used for wood and straw, which is applicable for all kinds of biomass materials. When producing straw, the pellet mill is equipped with three-roller anti-block screw conveyor.

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