Pellet Mill
SZLH 880X Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill
High output and long service time
Produce both sinking and floating shrimp feed.
Service time of the die with hole diameter Ø1.8mm is up to 8500t, with continuous production of 2500h and output of over 4.5t.

High-quality shrimp feed
Double-layer jacket insulation conditioner and double-shaft differential conditioner. Optional hygienic conditioner, better maturing performance.
The reverse opening structure and improved cutter make the cutting more convenient and improve the quality of feed incision.

Advanced structure and smooth operation
Equipped with pneumatic external discharging structure, realize automatic external discharging when it is blocked or overloading of the main motor current.
The improved feeding scraper divides material into two pressing areas, ensuring smooth discharging and stable operation.

Type                                        SZLH520X          SZLH600X            SZLH660X           SZLH880X
Main power(kW)                          90/110              110/132                 132/160               160/180
Production capacity(t/h)               0.8-3                  1.5-4                       2-5                        3-7

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