Ultrafine pulverizer
Vertical shaft ultrafine pulverizer SWFL series

• Alloy sheet protection at the place where the hammer head is easy to wear, improve the crushing efficiency and increase the service life, the service life of the hammer head is 4000~5000 tons;

• Reasonable layout of the alloy sheet for the wear plate, upgrade of the base and alloy sheet material, the life of the wear plate is 4000~5000 tons;

• The wave-shaped alloy sheet is used in the ring gear, which increases the length of the shearing edge and is installed in a staggered manner, which destroys the circulation layer and improves the striking efficiency. The life of the ring gear is 10,000~15,000 tons;

• High-quality hydraulic capping system, convenient and quick maintenance of wearing parts;

• High-quality sensor configuration, real-time monitoring of equipment operating conditions:

① Main bearing temperature measuring device

② Body vibration detection device

③ Classification wheel speed detection device

④ Access door safety interlock device

Technical parameters

Note: The above production capacity data are corresponding to the power of the main engine, when the sieve hole of primary crushing is ≤ Φ1.5mm, and the data corresponding to the raw material formula.

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