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Zhengchang Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a subordinate company of Jiangsu Zhengchang group Co.,Ltd. Depend on Zhengchang group strong technical power and economic strength, over the years,the company pay attention to develop and design by themselves and study with drying equipment specialists of domestic colleges and universities, constantly carry through technical innovation and development,design and develop out more than ten series are up to tens of drying equipment types. Three items won Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, apply and accept national patents are 16 items, 14 items have been granted the national patents.In 1997,company has been passed the ISO9001 international quality system authentication. Main products are Fengshen, Fengchu,Fengbao series high and low temperature grain dryer,soybean conditioning drying tower,oil low temperature dryer, agricultural products low temperature vacuum dryer,green hops dryer, floating dryer, pelleting and drying machine,swing dryer,forage dryer, bio-materials current dryer, tube bundle dryer,hops homogenizer, fluidized bed vibration dryer, high humidity materials dryer,belt dryer, roller dryer, horizontal disc vibration dryer and disc dry cooler.Zhengchangbrand Fengshen, Fengchu,Fengbao tower dryer became provincial hi-tech products, identified as agricultural machinery promotion by province agricultural machinery bureau.
For many years,Zhengchang dryers are sold to all over China, and far to Vietnam, Cambodia,Japan,New Zealand, Indonesia and Venezuela. With features of various forms, wide adaptability, reasonable structure, easy operation and low energy consumption, Zhengchang dryers have been widely used in grain, oil, feed, environmental protection, vegetable refreshing,storage ports, chemical, biology, fertilizer,food and brewing industries.
On the management principle of boundless innovation,eternal faith, achieve market trust, establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with large enterprise groups which are Zhengda group,Jiangsu nongken group,Xian Kunbo Engineering Co.,Ltd. Anhui fengyuan grease stock co.,ltd., COFCO,Harbin chrysanthemum,Hunan Vchen grease co.,ltd.and Anhui jinfeng grease, and domestic famous grain and oil research institutes which are Wuxi grain institute,Wuhan grain institute and Xian grain institute.
In 2001, bid activity of Inner Mongolia grain depot drying equipment system,Zhengchang won the bid, four storehouses of drying equipment units ran into operation successfully at the end of year.
In 2003,Zhengchang undertook rape seed drying project 2400T/D of Anhui fengyuan group with the domestic biggest hour output rape seed drying equipment.In the same year,the paddy drying project 300T/D had been put into use in Jiangsu nongken sanhe farm.
In 2004,Zhengchang finished Jiangsu nongken baoying lake farm 300T paddy drying and demo project Nantong farm 150T paddy dryer installation and debugging.
In 2005,Zhengchang finished Xian kunbo soybean drying project 1000T/D and poached peanut low temperature vacuum dryer 5T/H of Sichuan jinfuwang food co.,ltd.
In 2006, Zhengchang finished Xian kunbo soybean drying project 1400T/D.
In 2007,Zhengchang finished Hubei qianjiang 300T/D,Hunan yinchen 1500T and Anhui fanchan 500T/D rape seed drying project.In the same year,the company undertook the first peanut drying project---Xiangyan luhua 500T/D,put into operation in May,2008.
In 2008, Jiangsu nongken huanghai farm 600T/D, Jiangsu baoying grain logistic center 600T/D and Jiangsu hongze grain depot 300T put into operation.
In 2009,Zhengchang finished Huaihai farm 300T barley drying line, Sheyang nongken malt 700T malting barley drying line,export to Cambodia 300T complete corn threshing and drying project, Hubei 100T rape seed drying project and 1500T soybean conditioning tower of CNOOC Biolux (Nantong) Bioenergy Protein Feed Co., Ltd.
At present,China grain reserves corporation Jiangsu branch 300T grain drying line, Xuzhou sulu grain modern logistics centre 500T grain corn drying line and Jiangsu weiwei group 130T soybean drying project are in intense construction.

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