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Zhengchang steel silos engineering co., a core enterprise of Zhengchang group and one of the earliest enterprises which is engaged in steel silos manufacture. More than twenty years,the professional business is to research,develop, sale and service storage technology. With the newest erection technology of screw steel silos, precast steel silos, arch steel silos and house steel silos. Zhengchang steel silos engineering co.,ltd. has been one of the big storage equipments manufacturers.

Zhengchang steel silos engineering co., with tremendous strength,offering all kinds of storage engineering technology(which includes elevate,transport, magnetic separation,dedust,ventilation, thermometric,drying and fumigation auxiliary systems), the complete engineering design, manufacture,installation, debugging of civil engineering,electronic control, and personnel training one-stop 'turnkey' projects. Zhengchang have made the national biggest, smallest and highest silos,sucessful erection of super big diameter siols,super small silos,super high silos, many non-standard silos and British silos.

More than twenty professional construction teams with rich experience,the biggest annual erection silos is up to 6000,000 tons.Depend on professional product quality, complete auxiliary systems and integrative service, offering solutions for all kinds of storage engineering comprehensive problem, have finished more than 2000 projects in the world.

Port industry steel silos engineering case:

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