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The first Chinese feed mill processing base was built at Zhengchang
Font: Large Small Date:2013/05/03
February, 2011, the first Chinese feed mill processing base was built at zhengchang, which will take full advantages of group development with all kinds of professionals and research various of technique problems, in order to make feed mill technique exceeding Europe developed level. Let feed mill equipment goes before feed mill industry.

The research base set up research institution, post-doctor workstation, external expert work station including feed mill machine, feed mill project, drying, storage, automation, model, environment protection, and agriculture industrialization, chemical comprehensive utilization of energy, rice/flour/oil/fruit and vegetable/food processing. Among of those, feed mill research worked at improving cattle and sheep material, specialized aquatic material, pet material, pig slot material and high class poultry feed mill which ensures the requirements of safety and health and the technique transform of nutrition formula effect.
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