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Font: Large Small Date:2013/05/03
Recently, the largest feed mill group Fat Hens signed with Zhengchang group for large scale of poultry feed mill and aquatic feed mill projects which adopted European technique, including whole designation, configuration, installation and adjustment service. It will be one of the most advanced feed mill factories in Egypt and even the entire Middle east after accomplishment.

Fat Hens Group was established in 1970, Cairo, Egypt that has developed the largest feed mill Company there at present. According to president Mr Abd El Salam Hegazy introduced that our group has 50% market share in Egypt, including most of the competitors. And steady growth of enterprise is based on extraordinary cooperation of suppliers, high quality equipment suppliers are the way to success. This project, is fine embodiment of our match-up with Zhengchang.The signed feed mill factory will adopt the most advanced technique with high efficient Zhengchang equipment, the project including 2 poultry feed mill production lines,1 extruding fish feed mill production line. Among them, they selected 2 sets of zhengchang SZLH678 pellet mill as main machine in poultry feed mill which hour output can be 50 t; for extruding feed mill, zhengchang SPHS 218 extruder is used to be the main that output will be 10t/h.It is predicted to be finished by the end of 2011 and after completion it is not only powerful support for Fat Hens Group, but also good foundation of next cooperation between each other.
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