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Secret of Continued Cooperation for 6 years
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Grew to No.1 of DABACO,Vietnam

Recently,DABACO of Vietnam has already completed installation which contracted to build by Zhengchang.Zhengchang has already contracted to build 7 international projects and 11 feed mill production lines for the company since DABACO of  Vietnam established partnership with Zhengchang which went to public in 2008 successfully in Vietnam. May, 2009, the listed company corporated with zhengchang and signed two 508 20t/h poultry feed mill production lines that improved on capacity and scale. The company has already become the fastest growing and largest scale comprehensive agriculture enterprise.

In 2005,DABACO of Vietnam was a poor factory in Bac Ninh,Vietnam.Small scale, low capacity, high operational costs have been the challenges of company development. A correct choice changed the company’s fate this year. DABACO of Vietnam needed a 5t/h concentrated feed mill production line and most of Vietnamese feed mill companies knew few about Chinese companies, so according to the local office of Zhengchang,DABACO of  Vietnam signed the project finally after investigation. Capacity improved 15% than before and the favorable corporation started officially.5t/h,10t/h,20t/h,50t/h projects made DABACO of Vietnam realize the advantages of Chinese company clearly and responsible attitude.

Zhengchang, not only provides products and engineering service for clients, but also ensures the profit of every project and have comprehensive competitive advantage than others. In respect of enhancing capacity and reducing energy consumption, zhengchang technique is much more reasonable, helping to save space and reduce the cost. The configuration of high effective main machine has more competitive advantage. Pellet mill high accuracy gear and specialized conditioner design could raise comprehensive efficiency up to 15%;E type hammer mill raised efficiency to 30%;mixing section adopts Furberg double reducer, mixing uniformity was more than 95%,greatly reduce energy consumption. In addition, zhengchang has advantages in aspects of boosting feed mill quality, environmental safety, automatic control and so on.

DABACO chief said: We kept long-term cooperation relationship with zhengchang and they helped us to solve all kinds of problems for us. We trust them for their rich experiences and forward-looking solutions and they understood us.
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