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150t/h the largest feed mill factory in China signing
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Zhengchang has already built over 2000 feed mill projects, providing more than 7600 sets of pellet mills in feed mill, rice bran, chrysanthemum, sawdust and so on all around the world, pellet mill market share reaches more than 60%.February 8th, 2011, Hewei signed another project of 1 million/year with zhengchang under the condition of more than once corporation and quality trust to zhengchang. This item is another significant one after construction of four hundred thousand per year in 2007 for Hewei that will be written into feed mill industry development history.

Anhui Hewei Group was established in 1992, which combines with poultry breeding, birds feeding, food processing and poultry production and is regarded as industrialization of agriculture national key company and one of the largest chicken feeding processors. After nearly 20 years development, Hewei is a senior supplier of international famous catering enterprises like KFC.Due to the requirements of company, Hewei decided to built 150t/hour (single machine 35t), 1 million/year feed mill production line. The project will lead Chinese feed mill industry into large and medium scale, which can rival with same area of Europe and America.

The technique and equipment of this project are major scientific support in Chinese poultry feed mill industry which embody future development direction of poultry industry------ large scale and specialization; adopting largest output of zhengchang 858D pellet mill and 1068 new type pellet mill,35-80t/h with sterilization cured conditioner; hammer mill adopts zhengchangEⅡ that output of every 1 kwh reaches up to 160kg; mixer adopts zhengchang and forberg technique new type S; electrical control used international integration system. The whole set of process reduces power consumption greatly and at the same time, high efficiency production can improve efficiency of more than 10%; Its feed mill can save 20 RMB comparing with 10 thousand ton per hour.

This Hewei project is the world-class feed mill scale and Chinese poultry feed mill milestone.Zhengchang has been always in the spirit of creating the value for customers and offering effective service. The project not only leads Chinese feed mill industry to another wave of development, but also provides worldwide advanced equipment for Chinese feed mill company to join in international industry.
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