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VIV ASIA 2013 Mar
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The biennial VIV ASIA 2013 holds in Bangkok from Mar. 15 to 17 as scheduled. Hao Bo, President of ZhangChang Group, heads Asian Groups and agencies of all districts to attend the trade show. In the show, we receive more than 300 customers from all over the world.

ZhengChang launches the improved aquatic feed extruder SPHS168F that adopts differential diameter conditioners, featuring high capacity, low cost, high stability, low maintenance cost and high cooking degree. The extruder can be used for producing sinking and floating aquatic feed, pet feed and other types of aquatic feed. The 3D silo model we exhibited in this show demonstrates the 6 small silos of warehousing engineering from Feeding Section to Metering and Cleaning Section and Drying Section. All feeding silos and discharging silos adopt updated and reliable systems in terms of lifting, conveying, dust-removing and drying, which can effectively ensure the material quality in the silo.

In the show, President Hao Bo communicates with customers that already signed agreements with us and gets to know their demand. As a solution provider, ultimate target of ZhengChang is to create benefits for customers. Our show booths attract visitors’ eyes; they not only consult the specific performance of our product, but also suggest their cooperation intentions. The relationship between our company and clients are just like the right hand and the left hand, by working together, we are convinced that ZhengChang will have a better future.

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