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ZhengChang Pellet Die- Technological innovation in production
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ZhengChang Pellet Die- Technological innovation in production





Except feed machinery, ZhengChang is also specialized in manufacturing dies of pellet mill. With high quality materials, ZhengChang produces more than 4000 pellet dies each year. Recently, ZhengChang has updated production equipment to machine pellet dies more efficiently.


Large numerical control lathe, which can machine various types of dies with large diameter, the maximum outer diameter can reach 1500mm.

Four-axis deep hole drilling equipment, which is one of the leading large drill for machining sawdust dies in China, with the maximum machining inner diameter 1200mm , the maximum outer diameter 1800mm and the maximum machining aperture 16mm.

Heat treating vacuum furnace, the largest processing diameter can be 1600mm, 4Cr13 quenching hardness HRC5255deformation <=0.5mm.

Now ZhengChang pellet dies have six advantages: Quality assurance with matched processing equipment; Die hole with good finish; Long service life; Less maintenance; Customized computer design and Satisfied services.

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