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Remove Salmonella from the feed to increase the value of your equipment
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Only starting from the food source, speeding up the upgrading of feed processing equipment, eliminating Salmonella to the greatest extent, reducing the cost from the source and improving the egg quality.




Scientific Knowledge | Effect of Salmonella on laying Hens and Egg Production



Salmonellosis is a common disease of livestock and poultry, with high incidence and great harm. For example, Salmonella pullorum mainly attacks chickens and makes them suffer from septicaemia, causing a large number of deaths. Eggs with Salmonella are more likely to cause food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting and fever, etc.



The ingredients of feed affect the quality of eggs through hens. How can we eliminate Salmonella to improve egg quality?


ZHENG CHANG egg feed processing equipment accelerates the development of layer breeding industry, , equipped with special hammer mill for layer egg, corn crusher, rotary screener, double-shaft mixer, hygieniser and double-layer cooler, assuring effective sterilization, good feed quality, and production up to 55-75t/h.         


Here are some suggestions for Feed and Breeding enterprises:


1.      Update processing technology



Small stones are added to raw materials, crushed and filtered by rotary screener to ensure that each chicken is able to feed enough stones. Because chicken has no teeth, feed mixed with stones go directly into Chicken gizzard. Mutual friction between feed and stones makes feed broken by chicken gizzard peristalsis, so as to be easily absorbed for chicken.


2.      Replace better maturing system


The Modulator adopts inclined type double-shaft modulator, with large consumption of steam, long-term storage, high pressure, maturing degree up to 100-110℃. It makes starch maintain high maturing degree and eliminates pathogens such as Salmonella to the greatest extent.

3.      Replace specialized pellet mill for poultry feed


     Uncrushed pellets:

       From the crumbles, we can find advantages of new technology and equipment for the production of special layer hens.

     New feed technology and design concept from ZHENG CHANG feed production with lower price, excellent quality, lower mortality, higher laying rate, greatly improving the economic benefit and competitive ability.



     Besides, egg feed processing equipment can provide with  all kinds of nutrients needed for laying hens, such as the water, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and various trace elements.
ZHENG CHANG —— Manufacturer of the first and largest pellet mill in China. ZHENG CHANG pellet mills have been sold over 9000 units, 65% of Chinese animal feed manufacturers and 6800 global feed companies are using ZHENG CHANG equipment now with efficiency increased by 15%.

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