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【ZHENG CHANG PRODUCT】The Batch Application of Vertical Ultra-micro Pulverizer in Feed Industry
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In the process of feed production, in order to improve the digestion and absorption of feed, improve requirements of micro-particles, achieve good technology for quality aquatic feed and animal feed, it needs to conduct the micro-grinding and super micro-grinding to the raw material.

Super micro-grinding technology has been matured for decades in Zheng Chang. It makes feed look better and more delicate. It also increases feed particles’ surface area, improves the digestibility rate for young animals, fish and shrimp, reduces feed wastage. It truly improves the quality of feed, the economic efficiency of feed enterprises and the efficiency of breeding enterprises.

In this article, we are going to talk about Zheng Chang products -- vertical ultra-micro pulverizer, with innovative quality and high production.


Zheng Chang’s vertical ultra-micro pulverizer

A micro-grinding device with high quality, whose fineness and output can reach perfect balance.


Once crushing mesh ≤∅1.8, grease content 8%, moisture content 10.5%, grinding fineness 95% passing through 80 mesh, production up to 2-9 t/h.

Vertical ultra-micro pulverizer equipment in feed industry with unlimited glamour




Nowadays, "ultra-micro pulverization technology" has been widely used in the feed industry. Through ultra-micro crushing, it can not only improve the quality of feed, but also improve the processing efficiency of feed enterprises, which is deeply loved by feed enterprises.

Now, let’s take a look at the application of Zheng Chang’s ultra-micro pulverizer in feed field:



Domestic 50,000 tons of micro - crushing production lines

ZHEGN CHANG vertical ultra-micro pulverizer was applied in a 50,000 tons of large-scale feed production project, because its good fineness and high output, this project chose Zheng Chang’ s product again to reduce the cost. This project is the largest single line of feed production line in China. 

The 50,000 ton feed production line, ZHENG CHANG ultra-micro pulverizer equipment


ZHENG CHANG ultra-micro pulverizer can supply grinding fineness, 99% passing through 100 meshes. It can make aquatic feed and pet feed, which has been recognized by expert group of the project.

Project in Southeast Asia  

The production line, with 5 tons of grain and 3 tons of fish, has been installed and debugged in October 2016. It is the largest and most advanced feed factory in Pabna area now.


(southeast Asia project)


 Domestic high-grade extruded fish feed production line

(high-grade extruded fish feed production line)

In these projects, ZHENG CHANG vertical ultra-micro pulverizer greatly increased the exposed area of feed particles. The larger surface area with digestive enzymes makes digestion and absorption easier for young animals, fish and shrimp. Its production reaches 2-9 tons/h, more than 15% compared with the domestic similar model.

By ZHENG CHANG vertical ultra-micro pulverizer equipment, these projects can not only meet aquatic animals’ needs for nutrition and absorption, but also improve the quality and efficiency of ingredients, mixing, granulating, transportation and other processes. We are highly recognized by our customers. They are very satisfied with the quality and service of ZHENG CHANG products.


Three major systems have been upgraded, with better quality and higher efficiency

Range of Application

It is suitable for micro pulverization of pet feed, extruded fish feed, prawn feed, eel feed, turtle feed and small animal raw materials in large and medium-sized feed factory.

Good fineness, high output

We can provide customers with 60-120 meshes of grinding fineness, more than 99% sieving rate of the finished products;

The output is improved more than 15% compared with the domestic similar machine;

Advanced structure, smooth operation 

Compact structure, small footprint, internal and centrifugal flow separation machine;

The crushing system can be assembled with high precision, smooth operation, more uniform fineness and improved 30% of efficiency.

Gear ring and blade come from high standard full set of processing and manufacturing, with higher crushing ability, longer service life;

The grading system is optimized to make sieving more uniform, easier to adjust and more flexible.

The optimization of the cover lift system makes maintenance to be more convenient and fast.

The optimized configuration of the wind network system data and the reasonable layout of the process make the overall efficiency increase by more than 30%.


ZHENG CHANG, China's first and largest pellet mill manufacturer, has been focusing on feed equipment and feed processing production line over 60 years. Always be your reliable cooperative partner!



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