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Romania Enigneering installation is completed successfully
Font: Large Small Date:2017/08/10
Romania Enigneering installation is completed successfully   

The engineering is located in Romania, which is a medium-sized enterprise covering farming, grain storage and feed production. This is the first cooperation between two sides to build a 5TPH livestock and poultry line producing pig feed, hen feed and broiler feed.

The project was signed in 2014, officially shipped in 2015. In July 2017, the project was just successfully installed due to civil construction. The plant design takes into account various factors such as the usage of European customers, achieving spacious overall layout.

Customers have high recognition of the cooperation between two sides and the benefits from ZHENG CHANG products, for same capacity but lower investment. They are planning to continually choose ZHENG CHANG products in the future development.

ZHENG CHANG has been focusing on design and R & D for feed equipment and feed engineering over 60 years. Always be your reliable cooperative partner!

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