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High-performance and high-quality protein feed engineering, the icing on the cake for the Silk Road
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With the constant promotion of “the Belt and Road” and the acceleration of “ Five centers” in economic belt core area on Silk Road, the strategic status of Xinjiang is increasingly prominent, Urumqi actively constructs a new overall pattern of opening to the outside world. Xinjiang International land port area is an industrial development zone covering 120 square kilometers, Urumqi comprehensive bonded area is an important part of International land port area.

Biology Ltd., the first company settled Urumqi comprehensive bonded area in July,2014, is an import and export, production and processing enterprise, mainly engaged in production and sales of feed and feed additives; import and export all kinds of goods and technology; the purchase and sale of grain; production, sales and related technical consulting service of premix feed.

The main raw materials used in its production are carefully selected, with wheat from Kazakhstan and corn from Russia respectively, auxiliary raw materials like cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal, sunflower meal from Changji and Shihezi around comprehensive bonded area or from Kazakhstan. Vegetable protein feed produced can be sold to all major domestic feed deep-processing enterprises.

ZHENG CHANG built an annual output of 500 thousand tons of plant protein feed for it, with two production lines in 2016, which are complete sets of equipment for plant protein feed of 12-15t/h and annual output of 250 thousand tons.

Under the high attention of ZHENG CHANG’s leadership, the departments worked together to overcome difficulties like food, weather, accommodation, etc, to complete the design and delivery within 17 days in the winter near the New Year. In this project, ZHENG CHANG employees not only brought glory for the company, but created a good reputation in feed industry for ZHENG CHANG’s brand.

ZHENG CHANG has been focusing on design and R & D for feed equipment and feed engineering over 60 years. Always be your reliable cooperative partner!

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