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Use technical innovation process and equipment to produce feed
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In the continuous innovation and development of feed enterprises, if we use correct technical innovation process and equipment to make investment plans, we will lead the enterprises to the right direction of development, greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and expand profits.

一.Transformation of capacity expansion
1. Upgrading of various sections and equipment
1.1 Modification of batching system
(1) Through single scale changed into double scale, conveyor adjustment, speed increasing, and premix automatic addition process, batching period can be reduced from 5-6 mins to 3-4 mins, and output will be increased from 12-15 batches to 15-20 batches per hour.

(2) The liquid addition process was modified and the pre-addition process was used to eliminate the adding time in the mixing.

After using new technology, the mixing system saves liquid adding time, and the mixing period of the whole batching can be controlled at about 144s, and the capacity can reach 22-25 batches per hour.

1.2 Upgrade crushing system
There are many factors restricting the production capacity of the crushing process, the selection of equipment and the matching of auxiliary facilities are the important reasons. The early crushing equipment has many shortcomings, such as high-power consumption, large noise, large water loss, high temperature rises after crushing and easy wear and tear of parts. The development and application of the new specialized products provide a better solution for the energy saving and efficiency increasing of feed plant. There are two specific ways to achieve the production demand by improving the capacity of crushing system.
(1) Increase the production line
Increasing production line is to use the surplus space of the original production workshop or expand the workshop periphery space to increase the crushing production line, then further increase the output, so as to meet the actual production demand.

(2) Use a new type of crushing equipment to improve the quality and production capacity
ZHENG CHANG champion hammer mill, patented multi-cavity technology with crushing efficiency increased by 30%. Leading production capacity with the same power consumption in China by using advanced multi-cavity technology to solve material stacking problem.

Use ZHENG CAHNG vertical micro-pulverizer to achieve finer crushing demand.
The material after crushing is easy to mix, with large surface area, strong water absorption capacity, which is convenient for conditioning and pellet forming. The pellet surface quality is good, and the water resistance is good, which is helpful to the intake and digestion of aquatic animals. It can provide customers with 60-120 meshes of grinding fineness, more than 95% sieving rate of finished products.

1.3 Upgrade pelleting system
When it comes to producing pellet feed, the productivity of pellet mill has always been a bottleneck that restricts the productivity of feed plant. Replacing pellet mill with higher productivity and efficiency has become an effective way to rapidly increase pellet feed output. Some devices seem to have the same appearance, in fact, the equipment performance is low, the production cost is increased, and the development of the enterprise is slowed down.

ZHENG CHANG pellet mill, the efficiency is increased by 15% with gear transmission, output is improved more than 10-15% compared with the domestic belt type. Specialized customized pig feed, chicken feed, cattle and sheep feed, aquatic material and biomass pellet mill can meet the different needs of customers at home and abroad, and greatly improve the economic benefits of feed enterprises.

2. Popularization and usage of new production technology
In recent years, many feed enterprises have tended to be in a state of low profit and loss, and the focus of their competition lies in the price and the quality of feed. To grasp the initiative in the brutal price war, they must seek a breakthrough in the cost and efficiency. Feed enterprises can make an unparalleled quality for feed through the innovation of customized technology, help farmers raise the value, and help the surrounding farms have opportunity to cooperate and OEM processing.
2.1 Build the differentiation maturing technology
The main traditional processing technology of pig feed (Chinese General Technology): raw material crushing- mixing - pelleting - cooling - grading - packaging, main drawback of the process is failing to effectively remove anti-nutritional factors in raw materials.

ZHENG CHANG maturing process
Medium temperature + low temperature pelleting process keep the activity of the functional material in raw materials, improve the digestibility of feed, realize the value of nutritionist formula, make pig feed taste well, sweet, crisp and nutritious. Pigs will not get inflamed and grow fast after eating it. Eliminate anti - nutrition factors in raw materials, reduce the urease enzyme in soybean meal and no diarrhea, increase survival rate.

2.2 Egg feed maturing processing to remove Salmonella

Small stones are added to raw materials, crushed and filtered by rotary screener. Feed mixed with stones go directly into Chicken gizzard. Mutualfriction between feed and stones makes feed broken by chicken gizzard peristalsis, so as to be easily absorbed for chicken.

ZHENG CHANG egg feed maturing processing uses inclined type double-shaft modulator, which makes starch maintain high maturing degree and eliminates pathogens such as Salmonella to the greatest extent.
New feed technology and design concept from ZHENG CHANG feed production with lower price, excellent quality, lower mortality, higher laying rate, greatly improving the economic benefit and competitive ability.

二.Upgrading of Intelligentization and informationization

With the arrival of industry 4.0, intelligentization and automation for feed factory has become the development trend, in order to improve the efficiency and competitiveness, feed plants need to open up the data platform from production,  technology, marketing, service, quality control etc., to realize the "transparency" of enterprise management, service and operation, and realize the data link of the whole process from raw materials to finished products.

ZHENG CHANG automation control system can provide a variety of control mode, there are single interlocking and automatic control of the process on the computer screen, and manual operation and on-site operation test of electric cabinet. Strong communication function can be connected with the packing scale, electric meter of each section and internal truck scale instrument to realize statistics and other communication interface. Rich report function includes the equipment operation record, alarm records, all kinds of raw materials and finished products, daily, weekly and monthly of formulation, greatly reducing the labor cost, improving production efficiency and further expanding the market advantages of feed enterprises.

三.Environmental protection problems
At present, all feed factories in China are facing the environmental inspection of the central environmental monitoring group, a large number of feed enterprises are closed. Therefore, for the feed enterprises, it is imminent to accelerate the implementation of environmental protection production.
For example: the connecting pipe of shell, head and the base of bucket elevator barrel should be sealed, no dust leakage, and seal parts should be made from flame retardant materials; shell, head and base of the barrel should be grounded, suction outlet should be located and then connected dust removal system.

Dust discharged from impulse fan and cooling fan should be cooled centrally, then purified by activated carbon and UV photolysis, to reach discharging standards.

When feed enterprises choose technical innovation strategy, only by choosing competitive products to lead themselves to the right direction of development, through creating differentiated equipment and technology to seize the opportunity, quickly occupy a larger market share and enhance the competitiveness.

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