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Build ZHENG CHANG Dream and Start a New Journey
Font: Large Small Date:2019/01/10
Time zipped by and the year 2018 was soon over, a new year has come to us slowly. We always feel that time flies and we are busy all the day, but we do not know that the years actually bring us more endless wealth.

In 2018, we still stayed focused. Focus embodies ZhengChang’s diligent pursuit of internal and external quality.

Up till now, ZhengChang has provided more than 9000 sets of pellet mills and more than 3000 high-quality complete sets of feed engineering for 65% feed enterprises in China as well as several thousand high quality equipment and complete sets for more than 80 countries and regions all over the world.

In 2018, we continued to innovate. Innovation is the driving force for ZhengChang to keep moving forward.

How to improve productivity for the clients? How to save costs? How to create more value?... More than 300 professional researchers were trying their best to solve these problems.

The development of a series of processing technology and equipment, like upgraded vertical ultra-micro pulverizer with perfect balance of fineness and output, new reliable pig feed hammer mill, new fully assembled warehouse roof structure, new generation of maturing processing technology, intelligent control system, ZhengChang’s unique 6+2(360°) Perfect Service System, has shown ZhengChang's innovative development capabilities. We will continue to increase technical input, product development, and keep moving!

In 2018, we were aggressive. Using practical actions, new look, new mental state and stance posture to explain ZhengChang's core concept of “creating value for customers”.

Continuously expanded the market area, covering various regions all over the world. We strove to build stable, reliable and high-quality large-scale livestock and poultry feed production line, drying engineering, steel silo engineering and so on.

We have set up various training courses to provide a large number of production technologies and management talents for feed enterprises, accumulating tremendous strength for the innovation and development of the entire industry.

Actively participated in various feed industry exhibitions, and continued to share and exchange the latest technologies and products with industry professionals at International Production & Processing Expo(IPPE), Victam Asia 2018, and Agro Tech Bangladesh, etc.

In 2018, we gained a lot.

A number of projects have been awarded “Quality Engineering”.

ZHENG CHANG SPHG8000C raw material extruder won the Liyang staff top 10 scientific & technology innovation prize.

At the end of the year, we signed the CITIC-Belarus project. This is a milestone project for the development of ZhengChang Group and the international market. It is also the largest and most advanced agro-industrial complex project in the Belt and Road.

2018 is an extraordinary year for ZhengChang

From 1918 to 2018, Jiangsu ZhengChang Group, which has been baptized for 100 years, has gradually developed into a comprehensive group integrating feed machinery, grain storage, agriculture & animal oil, and real estate from a small artisanal oil and grain workshop.

On October 18th, the centennial celebration of ZhengChang Group was held in Liyang, Jiangsu. Friends from all over the world gathered together to witness the historic moment of ZhengChang.

Seven core executives illuminate the Cross-century ZHENG CHANG Dream

100-year Glory is a milestone in the development of ZhengChang Group and a new starting point full of pride. We will go hand in hand and march towards a new future!
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