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New Australia automatic pig feed project
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In January 2019, ZhengChang Australian pig feed project successfully passed customer's acceptance. The project includes a pig feed production line with an output of up to 12t/h.

In order to expand production scale, introduce advanced technology and equipment, and improve economic efficiency, the customer planned to add a new feed production line. Based on the trust in ZHENG CHANG products and services, the customer finally chose us.

Advantages of the project


Choose special blending-grinding processing technology and intelligent equipment to improve feed quality and profitability.

Through the introduction of automated, intelligent equipment to significantly reduce the labor costs, realize one person can control the production of the whole plant, and own absolute advantages in reducing the cost of manpower.

ZhengChang's unique 6+2 (360°) Perfect Service System with pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale whole process tracking will customize service content for our customers. By using remote control software, it can realize remote debugging and maintenance, which is highly efficient and convenient.


Since the project was officially started in June 2018, ZHENG CHANG engineers have been worked overtime to optimize the operating system, and devote all their efforts to the construction of the project. With high quality as the standard and with the assistance of customer’s professional electrician, they have completed the electrical installation task of Australian Standard.


The whole plant uses generators to generate electricity, so the current control cannot be too high, to reduce the influence on generators. After increasing the output, there was a phenomena of low scraper speed and material blocking. In response to various problems during the commissioning phase, engineers timely took appropriate measures to optimize the entire process system to ensure stable, safe and high-output feed production.


ZhengChang's advanced processing technology and equipment attracted a large number of international students to visit

High appreciation and a banner showing their thanks

Throughout the construction of the project, ZhengChang team has been meticulous, serious and responsible, and finally won high recognition from customers with standardized project design, high-quality installation technology and strict installation standards.

ZhengChang has always adhered to the core value of “Unity at Heart” and list “create value for the customers” as the first priority. From such angles as research, development and design, integrated solutions, services, channels, etc., we aim at providing long-term, stable, competitive assurance so as to realize maximum interest return and we are dedicated to becoming the most trustworthy cooperative partner of our clients.

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