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High-grade Piglet Feed Maturing Production Line
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Recently, Yicheng Xiangda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company 60,000-ton high-grade piglet feed maturing production line constructed by ZHENG CHANG has been put into operation smoothly, and the first 90 tons of feed have been sold out!

Yicheng Xiangda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company was established in February 2001. It is a national key leading agricultural industrialization enterprise in the whole industrial chain, which integrates pig and poultry breeding, feed processing, pig and poultry slaughtering, meat products processing, etc.

For industrial management, Xiangda has continuously invested to upgrade its industrial structure, introduce advanced technology, equipment and develop new technologies. In the process of implementing the project, XiangDa Group carried out on-the-spot investigation on the construction sites of many domestic well-known feed machinery suppliers in the industry. After comparisons, they especially favored the patented maturing feed processing technology of ZhengChang, and finally chose ZhengChang Group as the supplier and signed the contract of a high-grade piglet feed production line with an annual output of 60,000 tons, including a pelleting line and a maturing line. On August 24, 2018, the project was officially started.

On December 10, 2018, the project successfully passed the acceptance with one-time commissioning. After that, the customers presented ZhengChang with the honorary banners of "ZhengChang manufacturing is trustworthy", "ZhengChang maturing technology is good, after-sales service technology is excellent", "ZhengChang Electronic Control is trustworthy".

The whole project was built by ZHENG CHANG, with precise 3D digital factory design, prefabricated components design according to the standard module, high-quality main equipment, ERP management system. Each part of the project is connected according to the standard, to create a production line with harvest and happiness for customers.

ZHENG CHANG patented piglet feed technology


. Produce high-grade pig feed at all stages.
. Eliminate anti-nutrition factors in raw materials, reduce the urease enzyme in soybean meal, and there is no diarrhea, the survival rate of piglet is high.
. Medium temperature (90 ~ 130 ℃) + low temperature granulating process keep the activity of the functional material in raw materials, improve the digestibility of feed, realize the value of nutritionist formula, make pig feed taste well, sweet, crisp and nutritious. There’s no excessive internal heat and pig grows fast after eating it. It can kill the African swine fever virus from the source.
. Increase piglet feed intake, the total amount of feeding reaches 525-700g, improve the absorb ability of piglet’s digestive tract. Usually, piglet can increase their weight with 1kg and pig can increase 10kg.

With the continuous innovation and progress of technology, it has become a trend to choose maturing processing technology to produce pig feed. Kingsino, Wens, Zhenghong, Huanshan, Jinmu, Hunan Weiye, Hubei Xiangda... They have introduced maturing technology production line to seek breakthroughs in pig feed market, seize the opportunity and create profits for enterprises.
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