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ZHENG CHANG in OVUM 2019 - the 26th Latin American Poultry Congress
Font: Large Small Date:2019/10/16

From 8 to 11 October, OVUM 2019 - the 26th Latin American Poultry Congress, the largest animal husbandry expo in Latin America (since 1967), was held in Lima, Peru.

As the worlds leading feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system solution provider, ZHENG CHANG actively shared the cutting-edge technology and latest solutions of the industry during this event.

During the exhibition, many well-known industry enterprises visited the exhibition stand of ZHENG CHANG. Our employees and agents discussed and exchanged industry trends and actively developed cooperation opportunities with them.

Centennial focus on the road of industry. From opening international market for feed industry in Shanghai, to choosing Brazil as the base of ZHENG CHANG in South America, to actively responding to our countrys initiative the Belt and Road…The word Focus reflects ZhengChangs centennial loyalty to national industry. In the future, ZHENG CHANG will list create value for customers as the first priority. From such angles as research, development and design, integrated solutions, services, channels, etc., we aim at providing long-term, stable, competitive assurance so as to realize maximum interest return and we are dedicated to becoming the most trustworthy cooperative partner of our clients.

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