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ZHENG CHANG Livestock&Poultry Feed Production Line: the Perfect Balance Between Capacity Growth and Quality Assurance
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In the production of livestock and poultry feed, we have been trying to keep the perfect balance between capacity and quality. Based on mature technology, ZHENG CHANG is able to provide personalized livestock and poultry feed production solutions, create differentiated competitive advantages for global customers, and help customers meet market challenges and the changing market demands.

● Rich Experience
In the 1970s, ZHENG CHANG developed China's first-generation particle feed pellet mill. Over the years, ZHENG CHANG has accumulated rich manufacturing experience, mastered advanced manufacturing and feed process technology, and developed its third-generation layer feed technology, fourth-generation piglet feed expanding technology and fifth-generation broiler feed system.

● Higher Capacity
According to customer needs, ZHENG CHANG can provide customized livestock and poultry feed solutions with output up to 1000,000 tons, including plant layout, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, electrical control services and consultation and training support in the whole plant operation.

● Higher Efficiency and Lower Power Loss
Based on the acquisition of the granulating factory in China invested by CPM U.S. in 1998, ZHENG CHANG pellet mills have made greater breakthroughs in material, energy consumption, heat treatment and stability. ZHENG CHANG hammer mills can increase the grinding efficiency by 30% with the multi-cavity patented technology, and help to reduce the moisture loss of raw materials caused by grinding. With smooth transmission, accurate spraying, higher mixing speed, and less power loss, ZHENG CHANG double-shaft mixers are now widely used in feed production.

● Quality Assurance
ZHENG CHANG has set the industrial record of three-year trouble-free operation of pellet mill and 20-year stable operation of feed production lines. Our long-term large group customers include CJ, CP Group, Dabaco, Muyuan, New Hope, Wens.

ZHENG CHANG is committed to providing first-class feed equipment and systematic solutions for global customers, creating differentiated competitive advantage for the customers with state-of-the-art equipment and excellent quality control and making greater contribution to the sustainable development of global feed industry.
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