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The “Belt and Road” Myanmar Station
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Recently, the largest laying hen feed production line in Myanmar's Taunggyi region, which was built by ZHENGCHANG, was officially completed! ZHENGCHANG's meticulous comprehensive plant planning, stable and reliable product equipment, excellent equipment performance and strong project execution capabilities have been highly recognized and appreciated by Myanmar customers. When the Myanmar project leader took a photo with ZHENGCHANG project manager, he was enthusiastic Raise your arms and praise the ZHENGCHANG project!

Dedicated and responsible ZHENGCHANG people and Myanmar customers

Myanmar is one of China's friendly neighbors and has a long cultural history. Over the past 70 years, China and Myanmar have been deeply affectionate. In the special period when the COVID-19 raged, the people of China and Myanmar helped each other and helped fight the epidemic, which further consolidated the foundation of friendly public opinion between the two countries and opened up for pragmatic cooperation under the framework of the "Belt and Road" and "China-Myanmar Economic Corridor". A new situation.

During the epidemic situation, ZHENGCHANG adhered to the construction policy of "anti-epidemic situation, stable production, and guaranteeing the construction period". While fully preventing and controlling the epidemic, it worked hard to construct the project, fully guarantee the progress of the project, and ultimately guarantee the quality and quantity, high efficiency and punctuality. Completed the engineering construction of the production line of Taunggyi, Myanmar layer.

Quality equipment on the project site

The perfect ending of the project is a strong proof of ZHENGCHANG's quality and quantity completion on time.

During the construction of the project, there are two series of equipment, which are highly praised by the production managers who has been working in this factory for 23 years. They are:

Laying hen feed production line SFSP 112F winner grinder

ZHENGCHANG SFSP 112F series pulverizers are innovatively designed for the fine pulverization of fibrous materials, high moisture, and oily raw materials, and the feed particle size is more uniform. Especially suitable for crushing dried fish, cottonseed meal, corn cob, shrimp shell, bean skin, Chinese herbal medicine and corn with high moisture content (17-24%). Coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine powders can be produced with 1.2mm or less and large aperture screens, with higher efficiency and no paste screen.

Laying hen feed production line SSHJ 2da twin-shaft high-efficiency mixer

ZHENGCHANG SSHJ series dual-shaft high-efficiency mixer, dual reducer design to ensure smooth transmission and reduce power loss. The uniquely designed return air system ensures a stable air flow during all-round feeding. A variety of liquids and solids can be added at any time, with precise spraying, fast mixing speed and higher uniformity. At present, ZHENGCHANG double deceleration mixer has become the first choice of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

The production line adopts ZHENGCHANG advanced layer production technology, equipped with ZHENGCHANG SSHJ 2da dual-shaft high-efficiency mixer and SFSP 112F winner crusher, and the output has reached 10 tons/hour.

Having industry-leading livestock and poultry feed solutions and rigorous and responsible after-sales support services is the key for ZHENGCHANG to stand out from its competitors. The comprehensive services provided by ZHENGCHANG include comprehensive planning of the whole plant, production line technology, civil engineering, electrical design and installation, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, etc., which also eliminates the worries of Myanmar customers and ultimately contributes to This high-quality cooperation.

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