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Focus on the feed mills and build system value丨The 9th Tianmu Lake Forum ended successfully!
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On December 21st, the "2020 Ninth Tianmu Lake Forum and Zhengchang New Product Launch Conference" hosted by Zhengchang Group was grandly held on the bank of the beautiful Tianmu Lake in Liyang.

Mr. Hao Bo, Vice President of China Feed Industry Association and
Chairman of Jiangsu Zhengchang Group Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech

Mr. Yan Kuiyou, Director of Dairy and Livestock Processing Division of National Animal Husbandry Station and
China Feed Industry Association, delivered an opening speech

The theme of this forum is "Focus on feed mills, build system value, and win the future". Well-known experts and scholars in the industry and more than 100 well-known feed group elites at home and abroad are invited to focus on current market development, intelligent systems, and process technology, such hot topics as improvement and feed processing adaptability were discussed. Mr. Hao Bo, vice chairman of China Feed Industry Association and Chairman of Jiangsu Zhengchang Group Co., Ltd., gave a welcome speech on stage and expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to the elites from all industry and friends from the media. Mr. Yan Kuiyou, Director of the Dairy and Livestock Processing Division of National Animal Husbandry Station and China Feed Industry Association, delivered an opening speech, wishing Zhengchang won the honor of "Top 30 Feed Enterprises in 2020", and sincere congratulations on the recent achievements of Zhengchang. At the same time, he gave a brief speech on "Future Development Trends and Countermeasures of China's Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Technology", and the Tianmu Lake Forum was officially opened!

—— Wonderful topic sharing by industry senior experts ——

The research topics shared by the keynote speakers are of general concern in the current industry, and at the same time conduct in-depth analysis from the perspective of industry development.

《Analysis of Weaknesses in Feed Processing Technology and "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" Countermeasures》
by Professor Wang Weiguo, Henan University of Technology

《2020 Completely ban the use of feed antibiotics, How to Help Feed Companies Make Good Feed》
By Dr. Luo Congyan, General Manager of Zhengchang Feed Technology Company

《Cottonseed Protein Production Technology and Aquatic Extruded Feed Processing Adaptability》by Dr. Xue Min's
《Laying hen feed processing technology and its effect on layer performance》by Dr. Yang Jie
《Discussion on Advanced Processing Technology of Modern Ruminant Feed》 by Chairman You Peihua

《Digital Technology Creates Value for Feed Production》 by Dr. Cheng Hongyuan
《Modern Feed Processing Process-Hygiene and Pest Control Technology》 by Professor Cao Kang

—— New product release ——

Zhengchang brought three new products and equipment to this forum, which can effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, and bring unprecedented value, which perfectly fits the theme of this forum.

Special Twin-screw Extruder For Aquatic Products (SPHS155×2)

● The equipment has strong adaptability and is suitable for precise processing of various formulas such as low starch, high protein, and high fat; 
● Using the design technology of European die hole structure and hole distribution technology, the product particle size is consistent and the appearance is beautiful;
● Both the screw and the bushing can be equipped with new wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, the service life is more than 3 times the current industry average, and the whole machine runs stably and reliably;
● It adopts the international first-class imported brand gear box, equipped with torque limiter, low maintenance cost;
● The integrated forged bushing minimizes the risk of cracks and the product has a longer service life; the bush wear detection technology can detect the wear of each section of the bush without dismantling the machine to ensure the equipment Stability and product quality;
● Configure two density control systems according to customer needs to meet customers' needs for processing floating materials and sinking materials at the same time;
● Efficient automatic control system: It has functions such as recipe management, one-key startup, load control, precise addition of water vapor, online adjustment of mechanical energy, and production information recording.

Vertical Vacuum Spraying (SZPL3000)

● The particles are sprayed uniformly and the broken rate is low, and the best product quality can be obtained;
● 8 angle annular fan nozzle system, no spray dead angle;
● The new spiral rotor and discharge gate structure greatly reduces the rate of particle crushing and residual;
● Precise step-by-step vacuum release system, the spraying effect is controllable;
● The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel to ensure product safety and sanitation;
● The purchased parts of the complete set of vacuum spraying system adopt the international first-class brand, and the quality is stable and reliable.

Zhengchang Horizontal Dryer Series (SHWZ/T)

● High efficiency and energy saving: The steam consumption per ton of the finished product is 170~210Kg, and the natural gas consumption per ton of the finished product is 11.5~15m³;
● Accurate control: the moisture uniformity is controlled within ±0.5%;
● Environmental protection and hygiene: fully comply with European and American environmental protection standards;
● Intelligent control system: One-key startup, with functions such as moisture monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, fault query, and production information query;
● Flexible configuration: optional steam, natural gas heat source to meet different customer needs and other functions.

—— Roundtable Forum ——

—— Group Discussion ——

—— Site Visit ——

—— Awards ceremony ——

Speech by Dr. Qingkai Li, Assistant President of Zhengchang Group 

During the forum, the "New Feed Era" Fund was launched again. Dr. Qingkai Li, Assistant President of Zhengchang Group, gave a speech and commended the participants who actively shared research results on the forum. At the closing ceremony awards party, Chairman Hao Bo, on behalf of Zhengchang Group, thanked colleagues in the industry who provided advice and suggestions for the development of the feed industry, and toasted the success of this forum technology exchange conference!

Tianmu Lake Forum, as a brand, professional and authoritative technology platform in the industry, this year is the ninth year to provide effective technology and services to feed companies. As the organizer and proponent of the forum, Zhengchang has been committed to aggregating industry wisdom, digging deep into industry needs, and helping feed companies to harvest effective solutions and realize their vigorous development!

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