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Zhengchang wish you an awesome start to the “NIU” year!
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In Chinese “NIU” (牛) means ox and embodies the notions of awesomeness and strength. After reminiscing on the challenges and milestones of last year, it is time to look ahead, with greater strength and more positivity.

Standing steadfast like an ox, we’ll continue to expand our product portfolio.In the past year, we established the Zhengchang Group Research Institute and the South American Research Institute, built the Zhengchang Innovation Experimental Center, and the corresponding production base; acquired EQUIPAR, the largest feed equipment manufacturer in South America; It has brought five new high-value products and four leading processes to global feed companies, helping feed industry customers to further enhance their market competitiveness.

Zhengchang Innovation Experimental Center

EQUIPAR, the largest feed equipment manufacturer in South America

New high-value products

This year, the CITIC Belarusian modern agricultural-industrial complex 1 million tons of feed and 450,000 tons of silos project undertaken by us was praised by Belarusian President Lukashenko. This year, we also won many awards such as "Top 30 Chinese Feed Enterprises" and "Most Innovative Product of Kunpeng Forum".

CITIC Belarusian modern agricultural-industrial complex 

Bound to feed mill and resilient like an ox, We are reinforcing our commitment to customer sustainability. Through solid corporate social responsibility initiatives, empower the next generation to support social development.

Senior Mechanical Technical Talent Seminar

The 9th Tianmu Lake Forum

These efforts will become great achievements, because we assemble “AWESOME” people, in the Group, at our JVs, and across our extended Zhengchang family.

This Chinese New Year, some of us chose not to go home for family reunions to help better control the pandemic. This is the spirit of self-discipline that will contribute to our success in 2021 - as strong as an OX.

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