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Leading new trends, creating value through innovation! Zhengchang's new products are hot at China Feed Industry Exhibition 2021
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On April 18, 2021, China Feed Industry Exhibition 2021 will be grandly opened at the International Expo Center in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing. As the only national professional exhibition with the largest scale, the highest degree of specialization, and the strongest influence in the domestic feed industry, it has attracted 528 domestic and foreign agricultural and animal feed companies to participate in the exhibition and a large number of industry customers to visit. Zhengchang Group, as the vice chairman unit of China Feed Industry Association, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony. Mr. Hao Bo, Chairman of Zhengchang Group, together with many partners, association leaders, experts, scholars, and colleagues participated in the opening ceremony.
As a leading company in China's feed machinery, Zhengchang brought four star equipment to the large-scale feed machinery enterprise exhibition area. The magnificent products and equipment, the mechanical color matching full of science and technology, and the enthusiastic Zhengchang team attracted many from the beginning of the exhibition. Exhibitors stopped to watch.

The popular Zhengchang booth is full of guests 
During the period, the executive vice chairman and secretary general of China Feed Industry Association Wang Zongli and other leaders visited the Zhengchang booth and had a cordial exchange with Zhengchang Group Chairman Mr. Hao Bo, and communicated on Zhengchang new equipment, industry status, future innovation and development, etc. I understand and highly appraise the achievements and innovation breakthroughs made by Zhengchang in high-quality development in recent years. At the same time, he also expressed gratitude to Zhengchang Group as the vice chairman unit for promoting and leading the Chinese feed industry.
Mr. Wang Zongli, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Feed Industry Association
China Feed Industry Exhibition, as a centralized display platform for new products, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new formats of feed industry, provides a good exhibition space for Zhengchang to "make a big show". The twin-screw extruder (SPHS 155X2), high-efficiency large granulator (SZLH 858), hammer mill (SWFP 70X150) and expander (SPZL 420) carried by Zhengchang this time attracted attention as soon as they appeared. After receiving the eyes of many customers, and after understanding the excellent performance and efficient production capacity of the new equipment, they left messages of intent one after another, and agreed to carry out further cooperation in the follow-up.
Zhengchang Elite Service Team introduces new products to the guests and negotiates cordially with the guests

Visitors leave a message of intention
What is gratifying is that many "old friends" of Zhengchang visited during the exhibition to learn more about the new products of Zhengchang this time, and expressed their concern and support.
Adapt to the new situation and empower new development. With the advancement of the new situation in the feed industry and the needs of the new development of the feed industry, Zhengchang, as an "old shop" in the feed industry for 103 years, feels that it has a great responsibility. In the future, Zhengchang will continue to focus on industry development, deepen the construction of high-quality and high-capacity equipment products, continue to innovate, enhance R&D competitiveness, continue to create value for customers, lead the healthy, sustainable, and high-quality development of the industry, and contribute to building a new development pattern Zhengchang power.

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