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Conform to the general trend of the times and meet customer needs|Zhengchang appeared at the 8th Beijing Pet Expo
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As a leading industry event in China's pet market and an influential platform for the release and promotion of China's pet industry, the Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition (Eagle Beijing Pet Exhibition) opened in Beijing on April 28.

Jiangsu Zhengchang Pet Food Engineering Co., Ltd., as the world's leading pet food equipment and engineering system service company under Zhengchang Group, also participated in this event to provide customers in the pet food industry with high-quality services. Let me take a look at the grand occasion of Zhengchang's booth.

Many new and old customers visit Zhengchang booth to learn about the latest products and equipment

Explain the solution in detail for customers 

In recent years, the domestic pet food industry has been in a stage of rapid development. According to statistics, the domestic pet market has reached a total market size of hundreds of billions. With the rapid growth of the pet economy, consumer demand is becoming more and more diversified, and product categories are constantly enriched, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements on pet food production equipment and engineering processes.

Jiangsu Zhengchang Pet Food Engineering Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhengchang Group. It is a world-leading pet food equipment and engineering system service provider. We have been committed to providing professional pet food technology and equipment, with efficient and accurate solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers' formulas, and to help customers improve their product competitiveness with strength.

The company is headquartered in the beautiful Liyang, Jiangsu. We provide local and global customers with hundreds of advanced equipment and customized design products for pet food production, as well as complete process solutions and high-quality technical services. At present, Zhengchang has become a valuable partner for hundreds of large and medium-sized pet food engineering customers around the world by virtue of its strong strength. Zhengchang is also the vice chairman unit of the National Pet Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and the vice chairman unit of the Pet Industry Working Committee (CPIC) of the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association.

In order to meet the diversified market demand, we produce high-quality pet food, create value for customers and improve efficiency. Zhengchang has invested 45 million yuan to build a building area of approximately 2,100 square meters, which is used for the experimental testing of high-end aquatic products and pet core host equipment, and serves as a training base for global customers. The new base is equipped with more than 30 professional service engineers to comprehensively help global aquatic products and pet companies to improve the efficiency of equipment and enhance the core competitiveness of customers.

China's pet market has great potential. Zhengchang will use high-quality products, sophisticated equipment, and high-level engineering to conform to the trend of the times, meet customer needs, create wealth for customers, and promote the health and sustainability of the pet feed industry. Contribute to development.
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