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China's first century-old feed equipment company
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After 40 years of leaping development, China's feed industry has realized the development process of the scale of feed production from scratch, from small to large, until it has been ranked first in the world for more than 10 years. Beginning in 1918, Jiangsu Zhengchang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. ("Zhengchang" for short) independently developed China's first 45-type pellet press in 1973, opening a new era of processing technology in China's feed industry. Since then, the magnificent development history of China's feed industry has been established, which has established Zhengchang’s incomparable historical position in the industry. Hao Bo, the chairman of Zhengchang Group, who personally participated in the development of the 45-type pellet press, has even been praised by the industry. It is the "Godfather of Chinese Feed Processing Equipment".

Hao Bo, Chairman of Jiangsu Zhengchang Group

As possibly the only one-hundred-year-old feed equipment company in China, Zhengchang has developed from a manual oil mill to a world-class leading feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system service provider.
We are curious, what is the gene of Zhengchang Evergreen? In the new era of turbulence, how should we foresee the development of Zhengchang?

Achieve the 10 billion goal in three years

Fisheries Frontier: Can you briefly introduce the current situation of Zhengchang Group?

Hao Bo: As the world's leading feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system service provider, Zhengchang focuses on providing high-quality services to feed factories around the world. After a hundred years of development, Zhengchang has grown from a handcrafted oil workshop to a group enterprise that now covers an area of 300,000 square meters, has more than 1,500 employees, and has more than 20 branches. At present, there are 7 R&D centers around the world with more than 190 R&D personnel. From the first domestic granulator developed in the early stage to the largest domestic output (75T/H) 1208 granulator, Zhengchang has become the domestic granulator industry. The makers of the standard have operations in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. They have provided more than 9,800 pellet mills for 65% of Chinese feed companies, and have undertaken more than 3,500 high-quality feed projects for domestic and foreign customers.

In 2020, Zhengchang achieved sales of 3.3 billion yuan, orders of 4.6 billion yuan, and realized profits and taxes of 700 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66%. This year, we acquired EQUIPAR, the largest feed equipment manufacturer in South America. Through its R&D team, industrial plants, market resources, etc., we used Zhengchang’s advantages in technology research and development, product quality, and systematic services to accelerate Zhengchang’s internationalization roadmap. The realization. At the same time, we have performed outstandingly in the construction of the "One Belt, One Road" project, especially the Belarusian complex project, which has been highly praised by the country’s President Lukashenko.

We always insist on creating development value for customers with innovative products and processes, and our annual R&D investment amounts to 8% of sales. In the past two years, we have upgraded and established seven major research institutes in the world, especially the industry’s first pellet mill research center & intelligent processing workshop, aquatic products & pet equipment experiment center. We believe that we will create greater value for our customers and the industry in the future.

"Aquatic Frontier": During the 14th Five-Year Plan, what development plans do you have for Zhengchang?

Hao Bo: 
First, comprehensively promote the internationalization strategy,
implement the core market layout, transform the business model, improve the organizational structure and staffing, increase the recruitment and training of international talents, improve the international business incentive policy, and strive to be in the fourteenth five-year period. Before the expiry date, it is possible to achieve a balanced development of international and domestic businesses.

Second, continue to adhere to the key account strategy, focus on solving the value of users’ pain points and demand to win customer satisfaction, formulate and improve the full-process marketing service model of large client-to-end, and achieve the goal from "we want to get results" to "satisfying results for customers" Change, once again vigorously cultivate a new product line strategy, so as to achieve the new goal of tens of billions of Zhengchang in three years.

A century of ingenuity, the leader of domestic granulator

Aquatic frontier: Zhengchang Group has a history of over a hundred years since it was founded in 1918. What do you think are the reasons why Zhengchang can pass on for a century?

Hao Bo: There are two most important points: First, we have always created value for customers with a century-old core culture: focus, innovation, integrity, stability, harmony, value, and results. Zhengchang insists on innovating technology and studying quality in the field of feed equipment engineering. Day after day, year after year, by 1998, Zhengchang acquired the entire CPM pelletizing plant invested by Ingersoll Rand of the United States in China, which became the first case in the industry for a Chinese-funded company to acquire a foreign-funded company. On this basis, continuously innovating technology, determined to move forward, and gradually become the forefront of the global feed industry, with the potential to lead the industry's innovation and development.

Second, we regard good products as faith. Zhengchang feed project construction process management and control is subdivided into 255 nodes, and the progress, safety and quality of project construction are fully and accurately remotely controlled. From initial planning to project implementation, from small equipment accessories to complete engineering projects, every product and every link will be controlled and recorded in detail in the Zhengchang Group's engineering management system. If the installation is unreasonable, it will be notified in time. The on-site project manager rectifies to ensure that each project is delivered in a timely and quality-perfect manner. The project departments of each project can also make horizontal comparisons, automatically generate the progress rate of each project, provide intuitive data for the manager, adjust the on-site construction plan, and finally achieve Customer demand goals. In addition to the rigorous engineering procedures, all products of Zhengchang strictly follow industry standards and product specifications. The product quality is excellent, and it has obtained European testing certification and is deeply trusted by customers.

To put it simply, it is through the joint efforts of each generation based on the common values that Zhengchang can continue to inherit and develop.

Aquatic Frontier: As the helm of a century-old enterprise, what do you consider most now?

Hao Bo: In the face of development, what I think most is how to spread our culture more deeply to employees around the world, activate the fighting power of young teams, use our dedicated and professional products and services to create value for customers, and support us more efficiently Customer's strategic development.

In addition, I am also older, Zhengchang is facing the problem of succession, and needs to be managed by capable young people, so as to continue and even improve the brand of the century-old company.

Aquatic Frontier: What role does Zhengchang play in the development of China's feed industry project, how will it respond to the challenges of the new era, and what are the opportunities?

Hao Bo: I think it should be the leader. Zhengchang independently developed China’s first 45-type pellet press in 1973, creating a new era in China’s feed industry processing technology, to the first wholly-owned CPM pellet mill company invested by Ingersoll Rand in China. For more than 50 years, we have been professional and dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of granulating equipment. In 2008, Zhengchang successfully developed the SZLH858 granulator (35-45 tons per hour) with the largest domestic production capacity at that time, and put it on the market, and passed the acceptance of the subject of the Ministry of Science and Technology ("Eleventh Five-Year" major scientific research support project); 2011 , Zhengchang continued to make efforts and successfully developed the SZLH1068 pelletizing machine with an hourly output of 45-55 tons in China, which further promoted the rapid development of the feed industry towards intensive and large-scale; In 2016, Zhengchang created another miracle and successfully developed The SZLH1208 pelletizer with the largest production capacity in Asia and an hourly output of 75 tons was released, and passed the Jiangsu Provincial New Product Appraisal. It has become a scientific and technological achievement transformation project in Jiangsu Province and a bright card for Chinese feed equipment.

For many years, Zhengchang has never stopped pursuing products with greater production capacity, higher efficiency and better performance, and has always led the development of this industry with a pioneering and innovative spirit. Now, I can say that Zhengchang has reserved the equipment and technology that can support the development of China's feed industry in the next ten years. For example, the 75T/hour granulator we made is expected to be widely used in the industry in the next 6 years. From successful research and development to wide application, we have stored the technology for 12 years; we have stored 4 bio-fermentation material technology. It was only in the past two years that it began to rise in the industry.

In the future, facing the new era of change, we will continue to apply our innovative power to help customers improve quality, efficiency and reduce costs. I hope that when the production workshops of feed companies reach an annual output of 1 million tons and 2 million tons, Zhengchang's large-capacity equipment will still be their first choice, and Zhengchang will be their best partner.

Aquatic Frontier: Why are there no listed companies in the field of feed equipment?

Hao Bo: It is estimated that there are about 1,000 kinds of equipment required for feed such as livestock, ruminants, aquatic products, and pets. Assuming that a piece of equipment has 100 parts, if all are made, it is equivalent to 100,000 parts. With 10 processes, it would add up to 1 million processes. Therefore, the requirements for the quantity and quality of the equipment are too high. For example, our technical team has hundreds of people, and this year we have recruited more than 20 graduate students at one time. In the past, it relied on human management and brain management, but now even if it slowly becomes intelligent, it can only expand the scale of production. To tell the truth, feed equipment companies are really serving the industry, and the money they make is basically supporting people.

It is precisely because the profit of the feed equipment industry is relatively low, it is difficult to obtain a higher valuation in the capital market, or it may be easily eaten by big capital, so that equipment companies are hesitant to go public. Zhengchang achieved the Jiangsu Provincial Listing Index in 1998, earlier than many companies, but did not go public due to some reasons. At present, we have no plans to go public, and we may still have to go to the capital market in the future.

New technology and new equipment bring new value

Aquatic Frontiers: In recent years, what new technologies and equipment has Zhengchang presented to the industry?

Hao Bo: We have always insisted on innovating our products and processes around the needs of customers. In the past few years, we have brought a lot of value products and processes to the industry and customers. In addition to the 155×2 twin-screw aquatic extruder, 70×150 hammer mill, there are also the SZLH858 high-efficiency large-scale granulator with an hourly output of 45T, and the 420 expanding machine that can completely eliminate the African swine fever virus from the feed end. In addition, we have also launched a series of high-quality dryers and vacuum spraying machines developed by European and American R&D teams.

Innovative craftsmanship. First, create a Expanding process with differentiated value. The main disadvantage of the traditional pig feed processing technology is that it cannot effectively remove the anti-nutritional factors in the raw materials. The suckling pigs are prone to diarrhea after eating, and the pellets are hard, the palatability is poor, and the feed intake of the suckling pigs is low, which directly affects the growth and development of fattening pigs. Weight gain problem. Zhengchang Research Institute considers all kinds of animals, and solves the problem of "African swine fever" virus carried by raw materials during feed processing by studying long-term full maturation solutions, and prevents and controls the erosion of non-plague viruses from the feed end; how to use suckling pig feed technology to make milk Pigs do not diarrhea. From 7-11 days old suckling pigs, to 31 days old, eat 1 kg more fool's feed, which makes big pigs 10 kg longer, not only makes the survival rate of suckling pigs reach 98%, but also saves manpower. Cost, the weight gain of suckling pigs is obvious.

Second, advanced layer feed technology to remove Salmonella. Zhengchang's special laying hen material technology, the pre-maturing adopts the inclined biaxial modulator for maturation treatment, which can ensure the higher maturation of the starch raw materials, but also completely kill the harmful bacteria such as Salmonella in the raw materials. . The produced layer feed contains viscous stone powder, mature flaky broken corn and clinker, which is beneficial to the digestion and growth of the layer, reduces the egg broken rate, and has obvious comparable advantages in egg quality, which greatly improves the economic benefits of feed enterprises and breeding enterprises. And competitiveness.

Third, create a new type of intelligent and efficient curing system. Aiming at the technical bottleneck of existing feed processing, ordinary livestock and poultry feed has poor sterilization effect, unsanitary feed, and if the conditioning temperature is high, the loss of heat-sensitive elements will be large. How to reduce the energy consumption of crushing and the water loss of raw materials? Unsafe material, large particle classification, uneven feeding during feeding, etc., innovatively developed a new high-efficiency curing system, which realized the conditioning time (6-10 minutes) and conditioning temperature (6-10 minutes) of different raw materials and different formulations. 80-95℃) The demand for fully tempered and cured arbitrarily adjusted, truly realizes that when the raw materials are tempered, the tempering temperature and water are completely and evenly penetrated from the surface of the raw materials to the center, achieving efficient ripening and homogeneous gelatinization of granulation effect.

For this reason, Zhengchang first released the industry’s third-generation premium chicken feed system-658 (Dr. Chicken) high-quality granulation process system, which has the characteristics of cooked coarse powder, more oil, and stronger gizzard breasts, which can greatly improve chicken meat quality.

Fourth, the "milk kneading" process of the whole ration beef and sheep feed can increase the amount of grass powder and honey added to fully satisfy the ruminating and rapid growth of cattle and sheep; the grass powder, honey and concentrate are fully kneaded and extruded. , The pellet output of the same power model is increased by 40-50%; different processing techniques can be formulated for different raw material formulas to achieve the differentiated value of high feed rate. At present, most of the domestic large-scale production of cattle and sheep (rumination) whole ration plants are contracted by Zhengchang.

The above new technology and new equipment have brought new development value to customers, and have been highly recognized by the market and many domestic customers.

Aquatic Frontier: In light of the development trend of the aquatic feed industry, what are your thoughts and layouts on processing equipment and engineering design?

Hao Bo:
There are several main points: 1. How to use Zhengchang intelligent equipment and systems more efficiently to solve the development pain points of increased labor costs and unstable feed quality in feed factories; 2. Match the development trend of large-scale aquatic feed, We are now upgrading the product series from the original 5-10T/H to the current 15-20T/H equipment; 3. Systematically help customers to solve the needs of aquatic feed with high added value, and the aquatic feed industry has a high degree of professionalism. Increased requirements for hygiene and environmental protection. These are also the work that our professional R&D and service teams are doing their best.

At the same time, in view of the relatively diversified products of current aquatic feed enterprises, there are insufficient new formula processing data, resulting in production efficiency and production product quality not meeting the requirements and other pain points. For this reason, we invested 80 million yuan to build a new aquatic product & pet equipment experiment center. , The overall planning of more than 60 professional experimental equipment will be the world's largest and most advanced aquatic products & pet equipment experimental base. In the future, we will rely on advanced technology, reliable quality of experimental equipment and timely and considerate services to provide a series of system solutions such as the most comprehensive feed experiment and small batch trial production for many aquatic customers around the world. At the same time, we will uphold an open attitude and cooperate with major scientific research institutions around the world to jointly improve the technical level of the entire equipment and the quality of feed.

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