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Font: Large Small Date:2021/06/07
Recently, the CZPW 500A special vacuum spraying system for pet food provided by Zhengchang Pet Food Engineering Co., Ltd. for Shandong Excellent products for pets Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Excellent products for pets”) successfully completed the high-standard on-site acceptance.

The CZPW 500A special vacuum spraying system for pet food is the latest pet food equipment developed by Zhengchang. The equipment has:

CZPW 500A pet food special vacuum spraying system main equipment

① The host equipment adopts a full-length discharge door with an opening angle of 60°, which can effectively reduce material residues.

② 240 mesh fine sand polishing inside the cavity, which fully meets the food-grade hygiene standards, fully guarantees the safety of pet food.

③ The internal discharge chamber and the unloading buffer hopper have a simple structure, no unnecessary sanitary corners, and fully meet the food-grade sanitation requirements, and are simple and convenient to use.

④More product features:

CZPW 500A special vacuum spraying system for pet food, host power 11kw, maximum support 3t/h pet food production, residual rate does not exceed 0.5‰, more related technical parameters are as follows:

The pet food sprayed by the CZPW 500A special vacuum spraying system for pet food has successfully changed from a state of rough appearance, many pores, and matte surface before spraying to a high-quality state of full color, uniform particles, and full penetration of grease into the particles.

With the design of food-grade standards, the green, safe and environmentally friendly hot air optimization system, the core components of the international first-line brand, up to 35% of fat and oil, the crushing rate of granular materials less than 3‰, and many other advantages, CZPW 500A favors The special vacuum spray system for food has been highly affirmed and praised by the leaders of Excellent products for pets Co., Ltd.:
"The installation of the system is completed and optimized through debugging. The whole machine is stable and trouble-free, and has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, good spraying effect, high uniformity, good vacuum retention, low crushing rate, easy cleaning and maintenance, and high-quality production fully meets our market needs. I sincerely thank your company for your strong support, and look forward to continuing cooperation with your company! ”

Clean workshop environment, refreshing vacuum spraying system

In order to comply with the market demand of pet food gradually changing to a healthy, scientific and refined high-quality pet food, Zhengchang's professional team not only innovated and developed a special vacuum spraying system for pet food, but also simultaneously created a special extruder for pet food and pet food. Special dryers and other series of products. Continue to use high-standard equipment and products to create high-quality pet food for customers, so as to help customers produce healthier, safer, higher-quality pet food, and win the favor of the market!
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