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Guarantee quality, time and efficiency! The fifth batch of pet food engineering equipment in the second quarter is being shipped
Font: Large Small Date:2021/06/28
Strong demand, busy delivery!
In the hot summer, Zhengchang ushered in the grand delivery of the fifth batch of pet food engineering equipment in the second quarter. The high-quality equipment and related accessories of Zhengchang loaded this time will be sent to the site of the Shandong Xiaowantong high-quality pet food project undertaken by Zhengchang.

Shandong Xiaowantong High-quality Pet Food Project (Effect Picture)

We will take you to the delivery site in person. Production, assembly, and logistics are orderly. In order to ensure the high-quality, timely and fast delivery of equipment and related accessories, the professional team of Pet Food Engineering works closely to ensure that all process links are standardized and standardized, and the delivery task is completed efficiently! Their presence in the hot summer never stops!

Boutique equipment waiting to be packaged
Exquisite equipment after meticulous packaging
Exquisite packaging and loading
The truck is full of Zhengchang’s sincerity, and is about to go to the project site

In this pet food project, the customer compared many peer companies, and after a thorough investigation of the overall value of Zhengchang's design and R&D capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, quality control and after-sales service, the cooperation between the two parties was finally finalized.

And Zhengchang will also live up to the trust of customers, and continue to create stable and reliable equipment products for customers. While ensuring efficient and timely delivery, it strictly controls product quality, provides customers with better services, and ensures maximum customer benefits. We will provide a satisfactory answer sheet to customers!
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